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preparation and articulation
BY LEE POST (a.k.a. Boneman)
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For those of you who are new to this location, this site is all about turning a dead animal into a
clean set of bones and assembling those bones into a complete skeleton.

It is also an introduction to myself, a thirty-year veteran of professional skeleton building. It is also
a blatant advertisement for a series of ten Bone Building manuals I've written.

These books are a series of manuals explaining how to clean, prepare, and articulate different
animal skeletons in a simple step-by-step manner. Each manual is suitable for enthusiasts, teachers
and/or students desiring to do a museum quality skeleton on a limited budget.
Step by step guides for the preparation and articulation of animal skeletons.
What's New?
We DO NOT sell or buy
skeletons or bones
To Selected Land Mammals of the Northwestern States.
141 pages of illustrations ~ $55 plus shipping
For the last 25 Alaska Winters I have been illustrating animal bones from
different views. Some of these illustrations have made their way into the
Bone Building Books. It has been apparent that some bone enthusiasts
have been collecting these manuals just for the illustrations and not
because they had any intent of building a skeleton. So, for those who just
want it for the pictures (sorry no centerfold) - for the first time - here is a
collection of just the bone illustrations. These are arranged by species,
of 31 different land mammals from the Northwestern states.

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