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Feedback & Reviews 

(Unsolicited & Greatly Appreciated - Thank You!)

It's been over a decade since The first went online. I never expected to reach so many people! I knew I had a passionate interest in bones, but then I always was the nature nerd who never fit in easily with others who didn't share my interests. What I didn't expect to find was how many other people shared that same interest. Many of these people found their way to the Skull Club . Hundreds of people joined from all walks of life, like a pilgrimage of souls seeking their Devil's Tower (movie-Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind). Many of these seekers over the years expressed great thanks that they finally found a place where they could share their passion for bones without feeling like they would be ostracized as someone with an abnormal fetish.

As further confirmation of how widespread this interest is, I was invited to be a bone identifier for the little Marine Science Center in Port Townsend, Washington (Pop. 8000). This was a two-hour event in which the public was invited to come and bring their salvaged bones to show us. This was a mid-winter day when the center was otherwise closed for the season. We set some skulls and bones out and the local veterinarian and I sat behind a table and waited to see who might show up. I expected 8 or 10 people to come and Dr. Tony and I could talk about bones. Instead, there was a line of people standing outside the door before we even opened. 160 people poured in and formed two lines to talk to us, bones in hand. It was like Antiques Roadshow for bones. The following year we doubled the amount of time and over 200 people came in to talk to us about the bones they had.

From a zooarchaeology professor:
"I received Canine Construction. . .As a zooarchaeologist I'm interested in the drawings for teaching and identification purposes. In my opinion, Canine Construction is one of, if not, the best manual of detailed bone drawings. The coverage of small bones, like the carpals, tarsals, and caudal vertebra is wonderful."

From a forensic scientist:
"We just received our Bone Building Books and we are quite happy with them. The work you put into these books is amazing. One of our staff is teaching a human vs animal workshop for a forensic meeting. . . and was delighted with some of the drawings. They will be excellent training aids for our wildlife inspectors, too."

From a bone enthusiast:
"I just received the Bone Builder's Notebook on Friday and I just wanted to say thank you very much. I was very amazed at the time and effort it must have taken to put this all together. And thank you to Mary Maly for her time and effort in making the layout easy to follow and understand. The terminology and drawings are very informative and I love the hints for determining the appropriate side of the animal for the various bones. I just purchased four of your other manuals and can't wait to receive them."

From someone who describes themselves as a "skeleton articulator, scientist, mentor, and educator working on a coyote skeleton:
"I received your book Bone Builder's Notebook Vol. 10 in the mail today and I am thoroughly impressed. Just giving it a quick read through and I immediately became excited. Your book will give me hours of entertainment. . . Reading your book made me realize I may have made the feet an impossible task! But with your detailed pictures, I think I will be fine. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a wonderful manuscript, this will easily be my most read book."

From a person who prepares bones professionally:
"Hi Lee, I received the book yesterday, thank you so much!! It's fantastic - great explanations, wonderful drawings, and a sense of humor to go along with it."

From someone very confused about what the website is all about:
"Hello, My questions about your bone orders: *Are the bones life-size?* Do all of the bones need to be boiled or can they be ordered ready to use?"

From an enthusiast working on a bear skeleton:
"Awesome job on the book. That bear ankle I was fighting to put together, took all about 10 minutes to temporarily hot-glue together when I had your reference there."

From a grade-school teacher interested in doing a skeleton project with her classroom:
"I received the two manuals yesterday, Monday. What a visual treat! And your humor makes a technical manual a very good read. I'm lovin' it."

From a young scientist in Argentina working on some dolphin skeletons:
"Hello Lee, Well, I know that there are many things I still don't know about the "science world" but there is something I'm sure: there are science people that make you feel like you're just a drop of water in an endless sea, and. . . that doing things only for the pleasure of knowing some more (and more) is not gonna take you anywhere. But I just consider myself lucky because I made contact with one that is doing exactly the opposite, and encourages me to go on. Thanks for that and everything."

From a scientist in New Zealand:
"I have just purchased your Vol. 5 Bird Building Book. Fantastic publication! . . . I have numerous publications on avian bone identification, however yours is the most descriptive and has been absolutely fantastic in positively identifying some of the less focused on bones, such as ribs and vertebrae."

From a marine mammal scientist in Australia:
"I recently acquired your book Articulations of a Porpoise Skeleton and just had to thank you for having the skill and wisdom to produce such a publication. . . I am a volunteer with a group . . . As I've done necropsies forever, I was handed the short straw and given the task of reassembling some skeletons that we had lying around the place, so to speak. A daunting task for someone who is adept at dismembering and dissecting marine mammals but never had to put one back together. My first efforts were a Kogia jaw then a Delphinus skull. The result was good rather than spectacular and set me on the hunt for good anatomical diagrams. This is how I stumbled onto your site and subsequently bought your book. I'm tempted to say that this will turn my life around but as you don't know me you'd no doubt think I didn't have a life to start with - so I won't say anything of the sort. Suffice to say my new career as a marine mammals skeleton preparator will undoubtedly skyrocket. . ."

From a scientist-in-the-making, struggling with the placement of a raccoon baculum:
OK, OK, I'm red already. Pls don't make it worse...:-) My raccoon skeleton appears to be a male. I'm in the process of building the little buddy back together. So, ahhhhh...., ya. I'm sure IT has a very technical name. So, ah, which direction does IT go? It's not immediately obvious to me which end is which. . . ."

From an enthusiast who articulated a World-Class wolf skeleton:
"Hi, I want to THANK YOU for putting together that AMAZING book Canine Construction!!! I would have been lost without it!!!

From a bone book fan:
"As an ex-home school teacher I can say that I would have found Lee's presentation style one of the best. I would have enjoyed teaching from such books. I have worked with a lot of educational materials and find most of them a waste of time. It is refreshing and rare to find a text that has real meat to it yet doesn't blow me away with technical stuff far above my head."

From a museum preparator when the first Articulations of a Porpoise manual came out:
"Dear Lee, You did a really outstanding job on this book. I wish I had a copy of it 30 years ago. You covered every subject and more. Wonderful job."

From an enthusiast working on bird skeletons:
"Hi Lee, Last Friday I received the 2 books I ordered and I must email you to tell it is a delight to read both of them! All kinds of light bulb moments tumbled on to each other: the simple trick to get the upper and lower bird-ribs stick properly together, the advantages/disadvantages of different ways of bone cleaning. . .Thanks"

From a person in Canada who is schooling to be a wildlife conservation worker:
"Hi Lee, Last Friday I received the 2 books I ordered and I must email you to tell it is a delight to read both of you very much for all the insights. If you ever decided to bring out a new release, any kind of newsletter or the so, you can put me on the list. I recently received Volumes 6,7,8,9 & 10 of your Bone Builder Books Series from 'Skulls Unlimited' and after scouring them from cover to cover (guess I was absorbed by the information) am happy to say that these books met and exceeded my expectations! They are 'exactly' what I was hoping to find!! . . . My research and contact of the folks at 'Skulls Unlimited' recommended your series very highly!! I am thrilled to have found these and can't wait to try my hand at some articulations and perhaps do some comparative mounts of various animals such as bobcats and lynx for example! I already have a collection of 'skulls'"

From a woman in Great Britain:
"Just wanted to say how useful I have found your books. Last month I completed this pine marten which has very much been a labour of love (not sure my husband sees it that way) over nearly a year. The critter was given to me by the local vet and apart from a cracked left scapula (RTA) he is complete and perfect. Pine marten, cannot vouch for the vet. Couldn't have done it without volume 9. . . .Vol 5 is presently open to aid assembly of a mute swan. You might detect that I am a bit of a waterfowl enthusiast."

From a woman in Oregon:
"I just want to say thank you for creating your books. I have a 10-yr old son and he has discovered he enjoys articulating skeletons. I am giving him 2 of your books for Christmas. He had us save all our bones from our thanksgiving turkey and after much cleaning and a lot of super glue he finished it. I was very proud of him and what's better he was proud of himself. Thanks again."

From an educator in Washington:
"Dear Lee, Greetings to you! I am writing to share how influential you have been on a stranding project we have been working on. We have used the guidance from your book to create an activity for our education and outreach program. So thank you for your brilliance on creating a manual that is so user friendly and easy to follow."

From another enthusiast in Alaska:
"Dear Mr. Post,I received my Bone Builders Notebook yesterday and practically read it cover to cover! I love everything about it and am anxious to get started on my first project. I see so much "road kill" on my commute to work, it's just a matter of stopping and picking it up. I am an embalmer by trade so handling dead animals shouldn't be a problem but you never know till you've done it. Anyway, I just want to thank you for the book and getting it to me so quickly."

From a lady with a project:
"IT'S ARRIVED !! your wonderful book arrived late yesterday and i'm thrilled with what i've read so far. it really does answer all the questions one could possibly ask - many congratulations on a perfect reference book and on the most excellent drawings which allow identification so much more clearly than a photo would of the same thing. thanks so much for sending it out so quickly. i've ordered some huge plastic boxes and when they arrive i'm going to set up some manure cultures and speed through the alpaca i've got waiting in the freezer! i also really liked the humour that you added in here and there! wish i'd ordered it a year ago!!!"

From a bone lady in Holland:
"Dear Lee, I hope you don't mind me calling you by your first name. Thanks so much for your books. I enjoyed them very much. Not only because you explain what and why, but especially the way you do that! I appreciate your sense of humor very much. I'm 68 years old and skeletons are my hobby for the last 15 years. Until a couple of years back, I took every dead animal I came upon home but because walking is difficult for me nowadays I'm dependent on what friends see on their walks and their willingness to tell me where. Most of them wrinkle their noses about my hobby so the supply is scarce. My freezer is showing its bottom, more's the pitty....Because of the tips you gave off, I'm doing better now and I'm proud to send you a photo of my latest product. (your the victim because my friends....see above)"

From a taxidermist from Down Under:
"Dear Lee Thank you very much for your fabulous books! And they have bad jokes too, that's right up my alley."

From Kim R.:
"Dear Mr. Post, I received my Bone Builders Notebook yesterday and practically read it cover to cover! I love everything about it and am anxious to get started on my first project."

From Miriam J.:
"Hello Lee, That's not 'like' getting fan mail; it is! Your drawings are perfect and I've never seen the like. Wish I had you as a teacher when I was young. You are very inspiring! Gave me a boost to carry on with this hobby."

From Morag J.:
"Hi there Lee, Just wanted to say how useful I have found your books."

From Jeffrey G.:
"Hi Lee. How are you? I bought a couple manuals from you a few months ago. I want to personally thank you for what a great help you have been to me. I just completed my first articulation of this 20 year old male African Lion. Without your help I never would have dreamed of attempting such a complex project. I am happier than I ever thought I would be doing such a project, and it exceeded my expectations. Already it is my favorite show piece in my shop and I have been cleaning skulls and collecting for 15 years."

From Sue W.:
"Hi Lee, Here is my first project from your wonderful bone books. Could not have done it without you. Have learnt a lot from this one, looking forward to the next. . . . Thanks again for making the effort to publish your notes in the wonderful bone books. Absolutely invaluable, love your artwork and your sense of humour."

From Dan W.:
"Mr. Post, I received your bone building book on Canine Construction and just wanted to thank you for the comprehensive diagrams and descriptions you compiled into your manuals. My friend . . . . told me about your work and suggested I get one of your manuals . . . Thank you once again, I am so glad that someone took the time to produce a modern manual on articulation!!"

From Leslie P.:
"Mr Post I just got my small mammal book in the mail and I'm amazed at the detail and illustrations. Thank you! I can finally put a skeleton together correctly."

From Lourens S.:
"Hi Lee, I must say what a nice website!"

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