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For those of you who are new to this location, this site is all about the preparation and articulation of animal skeletons - OR - turning a dead animal into a clean set of bones and assembling those bones into a complete skeleton.

  • It is also an introduction to myself, a forty-year veteran of professional skeleton building.

  • It is also a blatant advertisement for a series of ten Bone Building Books I've written.

  • These books are a series of manuals explaining how to clean, prepare, and articulate different animal skeletons in a simple step-by-step manner

  • Each manual is suitable for enthusiasts, teachers and/or students desiring to do a museum quality skeleton on a limited budget.

Manuals available as printed and PDFs

Collection of Bone Building Books

Step by Step Guides for the Preparation and Articulation of Animal Skeletons

By Lee Post (a.k.a. Boneman)

Illustration of a bear skeleton

We are so excited to announce that we now have skeleton and skull shirts for sale on our special SKELETON SHIRT SHOP page!

T-shirt with Moose Skull Motif

All illustrations by Lee Post (except for a few by Mary) just as they are in the Bone Building Books.

Whitetail Deer on a t-shirt
T-shirt: Dancing Human Skeletons Motif

Record Breaking Antlers on Alaskan Moose Skull

Bone Identification Guide

For the last 25 Alaska Winters I have been illustrating animal bones from different views. Some of these illustrations have made their way into the Bone Building Books. It has been apparent that some bone enthusiasts have been collecting these manuals just for the illustrations and not because they had any intent of building a skeleton. So, for those who just want it for the pictures (sorry, no centerfold) - for the first time - here is a collection of just the bone illustrations. These are arranged by species of  different land mammals from the Northwestern United States. 


Small Mammal Manual

This manual is about the techniques for the articulation of mammals smaller than a wolf, using a lynx as the primary example, and details (especially of the feet) from other small mammals that commonly get articulated -

including the raccoon, beaver, nutria, rabbit, and opossum. The sea otter has been removed and the section on the rabbit has been extended. A brief write-up about the oxidization method of preparing a ligamentary skeleton is included.


I am the Boneman - goo goo g'joob! 

Watch this video below to learn more about what I do

The latest skeleton articulation in Fairbanks, Alaska, of a Bowhead Whale.
Click on the video below.

Contact Information

This email address is checked at least twice a day. If you wish to make an order, please go to the

individual manual pages ​or to "Ordering & Shipping" for more information.

Lee Post
4048 El Sarino Court
Homer, Alaska 99603 USA
Phone: 907-235-6247

​Alaska Time Zone: 9:00 AM in New York = 5:00 AM in Alaska

Dancing Human Skeletong
Dancing Human Skeletong
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